Initial controls:  w a s d,  u i o j k l // ⬅⬆⬇➡ insert, home,pgup, pgdn, end, del

SPACE FORCE is a game inspired by a mix of Kreiss,  Asteroids and Space War! Take control of the brave crew of the ISS-triangle. But watch out for asteroids!

You can play local-multiplayer game so make sure you launch it with a friend or... A FOE!

This game was created for the #Jamaggedon22, ARCADE themed JAM.

The controls are a little awkward because they're meant to fit an arcade machine, but I'm working on a way to remap the controls.

In SPACE FORCE there are 4 game modes

(single-player & coop)

This is the preferred mode to enjoy the experience if you like the trouble.

Face waves of enemies that increase in difficulty as time goes by, support your partner and keep an eye on enemy projectiles, not forgetting the asteroids of course.

Add as many points to the score as possible and brag to your friends.


Take control of the ISS-triangle and take control of the galaxy, conquer planets and crush your enemies.

You can use the planets to build defences, fix your ship and expand your fleet.

 Duel (multi-player)

In this game mode, each player takes control of a flagship and simulates a direct confrontation 1 vs. 1, with their abilities, their fleets and their pride.

Twitter: @GranJ_dev

Desing, art and development: JoanRa Sánchez

Music: Pix

Sounds: JoanRa Sánchez made with ChipTone



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