SPACE FORCE is a minigame inspired by a mix of Asteroids and Space War! Your objective is to shoot down the brave crew of the rival triangle ship but watch out for asteroids!

The control consists of acceleration and fire button, and turns clockwise and vice versa, to advance you have to go in any direction and you accelerate constantly when you get to the edge of the screen you appear on the opposite side, to decelerate you have to go on the opposite side.

It's a multiplayer game so make sure you launch it with a friend or... an enemy!

Twitter: @GranJ_dev

Art: JoanRa Sánchez

Production/programing: JoanRa Sánchez

Desing: JoanRa Sánchez

Music: JoanRa Sánchez made with bosca ceoil 

Sounds: JoanRa Sánchez made with  bfrx

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